Custom Metal Parts Manufacturing

The Tianhui Machine Factory delivers scalable, customizable, and cost-effective metal parts and one-stop manufacturing solutions to the world. We deliver a positive impact to our customers by fulfilling their needs through world-class equipments, engineering expertise, and adherence to internationally acclaimed manufacturing standards.


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Why Choose Tianhui?

Tianhui Machine is an excellent production enterprise management with the ISO9001:2008 and TS16949 quality management system certification. Owning a full set of Silica Sol precision casting foundry and CNC Machining factory including more than 30 sets advanced CNC machining centers and production equipments, research and develop personnel with rich experience to complete any customized metal parts.

And integrate of casting, forging, stamping, die-casting, cold extrusion and other more than 100 cooperated factories production resource, can provide one-stop service from mapping, mold design and manufacturing including heat treatment, surface treatment, testing, packaging, shipment to our customers.

Full Testing Equipments

With Hardness Tester, Projector, Roughness tester, Air Gauge,Three Coordinates, Inside Diameter Dial Meter and other measuring tools.

Strict Quality Control

Strictly quality control in accordance with the process requirements of production, we follow the three inspections to achieve full inspection.

Quality System Standard

Quality system standard is based on ISO9001:2015, all our products made by different material or processing will meet this standard.

One-Stop Service

Supply one-stop service from mapping, designing and manufacturing from pattern to finished products.

Production Flow

  • Cutting

  • CNC Center

  • CNC Lathe

  • Drilling

  • Laser Marking

  • Welding

  • Inspection

  • Packing

  • Warehousing

Machining Tolerance Capacity

CNC Turning Tolerance:

Linear tolerance: Machining tolerance grade: IT 6-7

Flatness: Machining tolerance grade: IT 5-6

straightness: Machining tolerance grade: IT 5-6

Cylindricity:Machining tolerance grade: IT 5-6

CNC Milling Tolerance:

Linear tolerance: Machining tolerance grade: IT 6-10

Flatness: Machining tolerance grade: IT 7-8

Straightness: Machining tolerance grade: IT 7-8

Surface roughness: Ra 0.8-3.2

Surface roughness:  For Turning process, we can reach Ra 0.8- 3.2 for metal material, Ra 0.4-1.6 for plastic material. For facing process, we can reach Ra1.6-6.3 for metal material and Ra 0.2-0.8 for plastic. For Boring process, We can reach Ra 0.4-0.8 for metal and Ra0.2-0.4 For plastic.

Satisfied Clients From 30+ Countries

Tianhui machine quality makes me satisfied and their offer also is very attractive.

If you want to reduce your cost in custom metal parts, it means you can’t miss Tianhui Machine.

In fact I don’t want to share Tianhui Machine to my competitors due to their perfect service.

I work with Tianhui Machine from 8 years ago, and I am glad I chose them from the beginning.