Tianhui is committed to providing the Automotive Industry with superior mechanical components and assemblies to match the reliability and performance of your Automotive products. We create value-added solutions for our Automotive Industry customers through collaborative relationships, engineering expertise, and innovation. PPAP capability. TS16949 Certified factories. Component parts and assemblies to support the following Applications:

  • Brake Systems
  • Seating components
  • Body panel components
  • Interior assembly components
  • Engine systems devices
  • Power Train components
  • Chassis assemblies and components
  • Cable Mechanisms

Metal Parts for Some Automotive Products

Starter Motors
Car manufacturers continue to find uses for CNC Machined metal. Complex parts such as starter motors, for instance, can be produced using CNC Machining. The precision and complexity of the process allow for the optimization of these parts. Manufacturers can also easily improve them in terms of performance, durability, and reliability.

Cylinder Heads
In the automotive and motorsport industries, CNC Machining for automotive industry also offers several advantages. These benefits come in producing engine blocks and cylinder heads, which cover the cylinder in an internal combustion engine.The technology is particularly useful for limited runs or customized engine models. These components come from a solid block of aluminum, which is an easy metal to machine. Other powertrain components, such as alternator housings, brake system valves, and fuel pump systems, can also be produced using CNC Machining.

Drive Axles
In a car, the drive axle is made up of two half axles, which are each connected to a wheel by a constant velocity joint. The critical part enables the wheel to assemble to move freely vertically and to pivot when the car is turning. CNC machining helps to produce precision auto parts in the drive axle mechanism, such as the hypoid gears and bevel gears.

The gearbox is the second stage in a vehicle’s transmission system and consists of various shaft and gear components. These parts can be produced with CNC Machining, which offers high precision and good efficiency. Finishing parts of the gearbox that are cast are possible using CNC milling and drilling tools.

Top Five Types of Metal Used in Car Manufacturing

The choice of materials is probably the first and foremost important task in the automotive industry. Manufacturers have to take a range of features into consideration when designing a model and selecting the right materials, including lightweight, safety, economic effectiveness, lifecycle, and recyclability. Fortunately, all of these characteristics can be found in metals. In this article, we’re going to show you 5 most common types of metal used in car frames and their benefits.

1. Steel
2. Aluminum
3. Magnesium
4. Iron
5. Titanium